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MedAesthetics & Plastic Surgery Center
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Testimonial GirlWe love hearing positive stories about experiences at Bellava MedAesthetics in Westchester, NY. Join in on the conversation by leaving your own testimonial here!


When I decided I needed to look as young as I feel, they made it a reality. Although I will never look 20 again, I certainly feel as good today as I did back then. – CR


I had three different people over that time and each was professional, friendly, and reassuring. Scheduling was easy and without incident.

by S.D.

I highly recommend a consultation to anyone considering Bellava MedAesthetics. I feel that once you see the place, ask questions and see typical results of true customers, you will be impressed and give it a go!

by A.P.

I was never the type of person to do these things, nor do I have tons of money to spend on cosmetic treatments, but everything I have gotten done here has been amazing and I have seen great results. The spa is VERY clean, the staff is very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend them!

by T.S.


182 Rte 117 Bypass Rd.
Bedford Hills,
NY 10507

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