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What Are Gummy Bears?

What Are Gummy Bears?

Safest & Natural Looking Breast Implants

Implants Designed for a Woman’s Shape

Long gone are the days where implants are one-size-fits-all. Gummy Bear breast implants offer women the ability to choose a shape that best fits their bodies and desired look. They are the most natural looking implants available, allowing for even the most subtle of enhancements. MENTOR®’s Gummy Bear breast implants provide you the fit and feel you’re been looking for in a safe, long-lasting product.

What Are Gummy Bears?

Like the confection of the same name, Gummy Bears gel implants are soft, pliable, and bounce back to shape when touched. The fifth generation in silicone breast implants, Gummy Bears are improving the ways breast augmentations look and feel. The Gummy Bears implants’ high-strength silicone gel is made of a substance called a ‘cross linker’ that results in its being dense and cohesive. Because there is no liquid, there is no fear of leaking or rupturing and the associated health concerns that have come with traditional implants of the past.

What are the benefits of Gummy Bears?

Because they are high-strength silicone gel implants and not liquid-filled saline or silicone, they offer some unique advantages. They are able to remain in an upright position and retain their shape. Because they are made of a dense gel, they will not fold, ripple or wrinkle. And they remain soft and natural to the touch whereas liquid implants, if overfilled, are hard to the touch.

Are Gummy Bear implants right for me?

You are a great candidate for Gummy Bear implants if you:

  • Would like to increase your breast size, or improve your breasts’ symmetry or shape
  • Want implants with the most natural look and feel
  • Want implants with high safety records
  • Are healthy both psychologically and physically
  • Are not currently nursing or pregnant, are realistic in your outcomes of the procedure, and are aware of the complications and risks associated with breast enhancement

What should I expect from the procedure?
Expect breast augmentation surgery to last 1-2 hours and to be under general anesthesia. Incisions are made in unnoticeable places to lessen the visibility of scars. These places include the armpit, underside of the breast crease, and around the nipple. The breast is then lifted, and the implant is inserted into the pocket that is created. Once the implants are inserted and in place, the incisions are closed with stitches, tape, and bandages.

What is recovery like?

Patients are generally tired and sore for 1-2 days following a breast augmentation procedure. Most return to their normal schedules, including work, within the week.

Seven to ten days following the procedure stitches will be removed. And pain, swelling or sensitivity following the operation will lessen within a few days.

If there are scars from the incisions, these will start to fade in a few months time, and will continue to fade over the following months or years.

Possible complications

Usually minimal and uncommon, complications after breast augmentation surgery might include capsular contracture, swelling and pain, infection around the implants, nipple sensation change, milk production and implant rupture resulting from injury or everyday compression and breast movement. Read more details about the difference between saline and silicone here to learn why Gummy implants are the best option today.

Women in 70 countries worldwide for more than a decade have been choosing MENTOR®’s Gummy Bear breast implants. They are FDA-approved and the latest innovation in breast augmentation.

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