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How to Determine Your Breast Implant Size

How to Determine Your Breast Implant Size

Once you decide to get a breast enhancement, Dr. Lyons is here to help you choose your desired size, as well as shape. The gummy-bears breast implant can be made in any dimensions, in order to fit every woman’s body and provide the augmentation she desires.

A very common issue is choosing the proper breast implant size. Dr. Lyons, along with his team of nurses and expert staff, can offer you help with this as well. If you are in New York, in the Westchester area, you can not only get the best-looking, but also the safest breast implants at his clinic.

One of the misconceptions is that the only relevant subject is the patient’s cup size —both the current, and the desired one. However, every woman’s body is built differently, and therefore, different cup sizes will represent different breast shapes and sizes for different women. On top of that, each bra manufacturer company will measure their cup sizes differently, thus, cup size is not the best measurement to use.

A better measurement is the breast volume — again, your current and the desired one. This is achieved through measuring the exact dimensions of each breast. Other important aspects include their position on the patient’s chest, such as the cleavage area, space between the breasts, et al. Dr. Lyons, at Westchester, knows this well, and will provide you with the Gummy Bear implants that will fit perfectly on your body, providing breast augmentation along with the natural looking breast implants.

Among the most important conditions in choosing your Gummy Bear breast implants size are the diameter and the tissue thickness of your breast. Your Gummy Bear implant diameter should not exceed your breast width — while for some women it may be tempting to choose larger Gummy Bear implants, it is important to note that you will lose the natural look with such choices. The tissue thickness is also an important factor here — thicker breast tissue can support a wider implant, while thinner one would do much better with an implant that is a centimeter or two narrower in diameter than your current breast width. Dr. Lyons and his team will provide a thorough examination of your breasts in order to achieve all the relevant data, in order to help you make a better choice.

While this all may sound like smaller is better, keep in mind that for most women who undertake breast surgery, it is a lifetime decision. Thus, it is essential to make that decision a good one, and be absolutely sure about the appearance you wish to achieve. For some women, it may mean a complete overhaul of not only their appearance, but their entire lifestyle as well. Some results may or may not be important to you personally — such as, whether your breasts will look natural or clearly augmented, or how it will affect your appearance a decade or two from now. Dr. Lyons offers you a wide variety of the safest, most natural looking implants in the Westchester, New York area, along with consultative service and the determination to provide you with the results you personally wish for.

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