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Choose Gummy Bears For The Most Natural Look and Feel

Breast augmentation or breast enhancement surgery has come a long way since the approval of this cosmetic procedure decades ago. There have been a lot of medical advancements in breast augmentation surgery and natural looking breast implants are no longer a thing of the past. One of the latest innovations is the 5th generation Gummy Bear implant designed by Mentor which has a memory shape type construction called MemoryGel. Gummy Bear Implants are advanced in many ways and come in a variety of different shapes and sized. Unlike tradition silicone and saline style breast implants, Gummy Bear Implants are natural looking breast implants and come in a variety of sizes as well as different shapes. Because of the special silicone MemoryGel they are made of, Gummy Bear Implants are soft and spring back to their original shape after touch.

If you are thinking about having breast augmentation surgery but are not sure if it is possible to get natural looking breast implants, then you need to give Bellava MedSpa & Plastic Surgery Center a call today and talk with one of our expert trained medical staff about Gummy Bear Implants and to schedule a consultation. We can help to determine if the Gummy Bear implant may be right for you. Gummy Bear implants are the safest silicone implants on the market today and give the best natural look.

Gummy Bear Implants are the 5th generation of silicone implants and are different in that breast shape and size can be completely controlled because of the variety of shapes and sizes that are available. Gummy Bear breast implants have less tendency to wrinkle or bend which causes leakage and ruptures and are the safest and most natural looking breast implant on the market. Gummy Bear implants can be used for breast reconstruction and are the most cost effective breast implant on the market due to longevity and are FDA approved.

The additional advantages over Gummy Bear implants over traditional silicone and saline style implants are that Gummy Bear implants maintain their shape better because of the cohesive gel and have distinct shape. Also there is less scar tissue after the implants and the reasons for this could be that there is less diffusion of silicone and because of the MemoryGel material, the firmness does not let the body contract around the implant which results in much less scar tissue. The filling inside the Gummy Bear implant is mostly solid and contains no fluid that can leak out and if there was a rupture, then the gel inside would not go anywhere.

Contact Bellava MedSpa & Plastic Surgery Center today for more information on Gummy Bear style implants and talk to Dr. Lyons or one of his expertly trained medical staff for a complimentary consultation to see if the Gummy Bear style implant is right for you. Dr. Lyons has over 30 years of experience enhancing women’s bodies, is a published author, and is a board certified plastic surgeon.

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