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The Natural and Safe Gummy Bear Implants

The Natural and Safe Gummy Bear Implants Gummy Bears for Your Breasts Probably inspired by the cohesive physical structure of gummy bears, Gummy Bear implants apply the same rule of remaining “stuck together” although it’s been cut up into pieces. This is very much unlike saline or […]

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Shedding A Little More Light on Gummy Bear Implants

Shedding A Little More Light on Gummy Bear Implants Introducing Gummy Bear Implants At the first mention of the words “Gummy Bear”, most of you may automatically think of the sweet candy instead of breast implants. Then again, Gummy Bear breasts implants did get their name from […]

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Bellava Specializes in Gummy Bear Implants in New York

Gummy Bear Implants are the very latest in breast augmentation technology and offer the benefits of being able to choose size and shape of breast implants not recently possible with conventional silicon style implants. And now Bellava MedAesthetics & Plastic Surgery center has the expertise of MD […]

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Dr. Kim Is Your Breast Enhacement in Westchester Specialist

When it comes to breast enhancement in Westechester, the professional staff along with Dr. Chang Soo Kim have the experience it takes to help you decide if breast enhancement surgery is for you. There are many different types of breast enhancement procedures. Dr. Kim believes that when […]

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Dr. Lyons is Your Gummy Bear Specialist in Westchester

Bellava MedSpa & Plastic Surgery Center in Westchester specializes in the Gummy Bear breast implant procedure. Gummy Bear Implants are a 5th generation silicone style breast implants and have many advantages over traditional silicone and saline style breast implants. They are the very latest and most exciting […]

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Choose Gummy Bears For The Most Natural Look and Feel

Breast augmentation or breast enhancement surgery has come a long way since the approval of this cosmetic procedure decades ago. There have been a lot of medical advancements in breast augmentation surgery and natural looking breast implants are no longer a thing of the past. One of […]

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Breast Implant Issues: What To Look For And What To Do

Breast Implant Issues: What To Look For And What To Do Gummy Bear breast implants have been available around the world for around a decade now which is about as long as the life expectancy of some other inferior types of breast implants. There is no coincidence […]

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Breast Enhancement Surgery: Control

Breast Enhancement Surgery: Control Breast enhancement surgery, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is the restoration of breast volume lost after weight loss or pregnancy.  It is the surgical placement of breast implants to increase or give fullness and improve evenness of the breasts. You’re in Good Hands […]

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Teardrop versus Round Implants

Teardrop versus Round Implants Are teardrops, also known as Gummy Bear implants, better than the “traditional”, round breast implants? This is the question commonly asked by women who wish to undertake breast surgery, and it should be properly addressed. It is important to mention here that many […]

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How to Determine Your Breast Implant Size

How to Determine Your Breast Implant Size Once you decide to get a breast enhancement, Dr. Lyons is here to help you choose your desired size, as well as shape. The gummy-bears breast implant can be made in any dimensions, in order to fit every woman’s body […]

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